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Are you planning to spend your summer holidays on the White Island? Pacha Ibiza is an absolute must-visit destination among the town's vibrant clubs and venues. Renowned for its top-tier international DJs and sensational live performances, Pacha promises an unforgettable Electronic Dance Music experience with their VIP tables.

Open every day throughout the summer season, Pacha Ibiza welcomes party enthusiasts from both local and international scenes. Given its high demand, we highly recommend booking VIP private tables in advance. This ensures you and your friends enjoy the ultimate Pacha party experience from the comfort and exclusivity of your own balcony.

Featuring 8 distinct VIP areas, each boasting strategically placed private tables, Pacha Ibiza offers a range of amenities with every Table reservation:

- Entry into the club, bypassing queues.
- Exclusive access to the designated VIP area.
- Reserved private table for your group.
- Refreshments to elevate your drinks.
- VIP treatment and personalized bottle service.

Bottle services at Pacha Ibiza vary based on location and the VIP area. Generally, tables in the VIP balconies at Zones 12 and 11 offer more affordable options, followed by Zones B, 1, and Charlie at a moderate price range. For the premium experience, consider securing a table in the main zones: M (Moros) or Zone J (Jurado). While these tables may incur a higher per-person cost, they guarantee prime views of the venue, DJ booth, dance floor, and the quintessential Pacha Ibiza ambiance.


Each bottle service includes a set number of bottles, determined by the initial payment and per-person fee. For instance, if two people contribute 500€ each, they'll have a total credit of 1000€ for bottle purchases. Ordering two bottles totaling 950€ may require additional payment for a third bottle. We can give you more details on the Pacha bottle prices if you contact us today!    

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