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Pacha Ibiza private table

Were you aware that Pacha Ibiza stands as the sole club on the island that opens its doors every day, throughout the entire summer? Indeed! Whenever you decide to embark on a getaway to the White Island, you'll have the fantastic opportunity to revel in the nightlife at one of the world's most renowned and popular clubs.

With a maximum capacity of 3,000 people, Pacha Ibiza ensures a night filled with the finest Electronic Dance Music DJs and hits, playing from midnight until 6:00 a.m. Since its inception in 1973, the club has been celebrated for its glamour and elegance, Private balconiesiconic cherries, VIP clientele, and, above all, for hosting the most illustrious DJs on Pacha's stage.

Given the consistently high demand at Pacha Ibiza throughout the year, it is advisable to secure a Pacha VIP table. Our concierge service assures you VIP treatment and personalized attention from the instant you reach out to reserve a Pacha ibiza table to the point when your VIP table is allocated. Every table booking comes inclusive of:

  • A VIP table
  • Access to the VIP area
  • No queueing
  • Personalized attention
  • A bottle and soft drinks

For people seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant ambiance and authentic spirit of Pacha, we suggest considering the Moros and Jurado VIP areas. These sections epitomize the utmost exclusivity within the club and consequently come with a higher price tag. Commencing from this area near the DJ booth, you can ascend to the reserved Zone 11, providing excellent views of the DJ cabin but without direct proximity to the main area. In the same zone, smaller tables are positioned a bit farther from the dance floor, offering a generous reserved space at a more affordable rate compared to Zone M. The more budget-friendly option would be Zone 12, albeit without direct views of the DJ booth cabin.

Contact us to check tables availble in the party you want to attend and don't forget to ask about the Pacha VIP table dresscode!


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