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Check prices & conditions with us for any Restaurant & Table reservations at Tantra Ibiza. Minimum spend varies with the day of the week, the month and the special guests.

The Club

Tantra Ibiza, renowned for its pre-parties for almost twenty years, took a new path in the clubbing scene in 2021. It quickly established itself as one of the island's leading clubs, drawing in large crowds and top international DJs.

The new Tantra features three areas: Terrace, Garden, and Club. The Club, the core of the new Tantra, can hold up to 300 people and is fully soundproofed, delivering a multisensory experience with outstanding sound and state-of-the-art lighting effects. The dance floor has impressive sound quality, with two VIP sections on the sides and a front DJ booth with a backstage, creating a setup reminiscent of a boiler room with its energy resonating across the floor.

The Garden, entirely open-air, is the perfect spot to enjoy great drinks surrounded by nature, with music and gentle lighting creating an ideal setting for socializing and relaxing between DJ sets.



Once you arrive at the entrance, tell the bouncer the name of your booking. A hostess will take you to your table and that's when you order what you want and when payment is made. Please remember that tips and gratuity are not included for the club's staff.

Securing a table at Tantra Ibiza is a seamless process, and you can make reservations through various channels:


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