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Tips to stand out in the VIP zone

Pacha Ibiza table dress code

The White Island stands out as a premier global destination renowned for its lively parties, exhilarating atmosphere, music, and fashionable scene. Enthusiasts of VIP parties strive to make a lasting impression and stand out amid the numerous guests on the dance floor. Naturally, you become a part of this experience if you decide on Pacha Ibiza as your destination for this evening!

Let's remember that this venue stands as a key attraction in Ibiza. Since its inaugural year in 1973, it has held the title of the town's most genuine and charming club. Boasting VIP private balconies, a main room, and an open-air terrace accommodating up to 3,000 people, Pacha Ibiza is been hosting the world's finest international DJs, iconic cherries, and an exclusive VIP clientele. Notably, celebrities, elite athletes, and Hollywood actors have graced Pacha's VIP areas, showcasing their impeccable outfits and discerning fashion sense.

If you're curious about the most suitable Pacha Ibiza table dress code, consider the following recommendations:

The Pacha Ibiza table dress code leans towards an elegant/casual style. It may vary depending on the specific party and the DJ, but we strongly advise against opting for sporty outfits.

For men, the ideal table dress code includes a stylish pair of jeans or trousers, a shirt, and casual shoes. Steer clear of sneakers, flip flops, shorts, and sleeveless shirts.

Women are encouraged to wear jeans paired with an elegant blouse or shirt, or opt for Ibiza-style dresses complemented by stylish flat shoes or heels. Avoid flip flops and bikini tops. Keep in mind that reserving a Pacha private table in any of its VIP areas ensures visibility, so prepare to impress with your attire!


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