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Tips to stand out in the VIP zone

Pacha Ibiza balcony dress code

If you have chosen Pacha Ibiza as your party destination tonight, you must be thinking about what to wear. In Ibiza, clubs are usually flexible when it comes to dress code. Pacha Ibiza, specifically, defines its dress code as smart / elegant / casual. This applies to every room and the VIP zone of the club. There are no specific rules as for the Main Room, the Terrace or for a Pacha Ibiza balcony dress code.

Buyers of tickets for VIP zones must be properly dressed in elegant clothes (Entrance is prohibited to all persons in beach attire, including bathing suits, shorts, beach sandals, flip-flops uncovered torsos or men wearing vests).

The appropriate Pacha dress code for girls is:

  • Nice pair of jeans with an elegant shirt or blouse. A second good option would be a casual, Ibiza style, long or short dress. Avoid sporty or beach style outfits.
  • We recommend high heels or elegant ballerinas. Avoid flip flops.

For boys, we recommend:

  • Jeans or pants with a nice shirt.
  • Casual shoes. Avoid sneakers and flip flops.

If you are booking a Pacha private table, remember that you will be in the VIP area of the club. You will definitely be seen so be sure that your dress code is one chosen to impress! As for the VIP areas, you have 8 different zones. We recommend Zones M or J if you want to have direct access to the Main Room and dance floor.


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