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Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP table cost

Blue Marlin Ibiza is THE place to be today if you are looking for glamour and luxury with views to the Mediterranean waters. Located in Cala Jondal, it is one of the island’s top places for both daytime and nighttime parties. It is famous for the exquisite menu, the most classy VIP beds and tables and for welcoming the most exclusive clientele every summer season.

Operating daily from 10 a.m. throughout the year, it serves delectable breakfast and dishes. If you visit during the day for breakfast or lunch, you have the option to extend your stay until the commencement of the nighttime festivities. This presents a splendid opportunity to relish the stunning sunset accompanied by the finest groovy hits and the presence of the most stylish party enthusiasts.


The tables at Blue Marlin Ibiza are segmented into two categories: VIP tables and VIP beds. Positioned in prime locations to provide an optimal view of the DJ and the entire party, these VIP tables and beds offer an enhanced experience. VIP bed bookings cater to groups of up to 4 individuals. If your group exceeds 4 people, you have the option to reserve either 2 VIP beds or a VIP table for 10 people. The cost of a Blue Marlin VIP table is contingent on various factors, including the table type, group size, date, and the table's location.

For VIP table and bed bookings on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the starting cost is 2,500€ for groups of up to 8 people. Prices for larger groups exceeding 8 people commence at 3,500€. On Sundays, being the star session of the week, Blue Marlin VIP table costs for parties start at 2,500€ for groups of 8 people and rise to 5,500€ for larger groups.

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