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Blue Marlin Ibiza tables

Blue Marlin Ibiza is a luxurious beach club in Cala Jondal, Ibiza. Is the perfect combination of a daylight and nighttime glamorous party. It has become a famous Ibiza destination among celebrities from all over the world that come to the island to spend their summer holidays in their private yachts and are taken to the Blue Marlin Ibiza in exclusive water taxis.

Besides offering parties that are absolutely full of glamour and luxury, Blue Marlin Ibiza is beach restaurant that serves a fusion of the Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Oriental flavors. Its head chef, Christian Dintl, and the sushi king, Tom Blackshaw, are the creators of the exotic and delicious dishes that are part of Blue Marlin’s menu proposal.

Blue Marlin Ibiza opens everyday from May to October. It opens at 10:00h for those who want to enjoy a tasty breakfast with views to the Mediterranean waters. As the sun goes down, the nighttime party starts until 4:00h. Booking a Blue Marlin Ibiza table or a luxury daybed is an excellent option to get the real feels and vibes of the Blue Marlin Ibiza experience.

Blue Marlin Ibiza tables are divided into two types: bed type or standard table type. The bed type tables refer to huge square beds that offer the best of comfort and intimacy. These are available for groups of 4 people maximum. The standard table types are also exclusive; depending on their location these are available for groups of up to 12 people.

Blue Marlin Ibiza table costs highly depend on the DJ set and ongoing event. Generally, prices for Blue Marlin Ibiza tables on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays start at 1.500€ for groups of 8 people. For larger groups, prices start at 3.000€. Blue Marlin’s biggest events are on Sundays. Blue Marlin Ibiza tables on Sundays start at 2.500€ for groups of 8 people and at 5.000€ for larger groups.

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