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Privilege Ibiza tables

Privilege Ibiza is the world’s biggest club. And, of course, it had to be in Ibiza! It started as KU. It was famous for the impressive swimming pool it had in the center of its Main Room and the Manumission party, a session with sexually explicit live shows that lasted for more than a decade. Today, it is still one of Ibiza’s nightlife highlights for the parties, the DJ’s, the great performances and its immensity. It is a venue with a total capacity of 10.000 people!

Privilege Ibiza is divided into two rooms: the Main Room and Vista Club. In the Main Room you will find the main dance floor and stage with spectacular shows, acrobatics, and theatrics. The Vista Club is an open air terrace that is glass encased. With breathtaking views to Dalt Vila, the hills, and the sparkling sea waters, it is a place where you can spend an unforgettable and unique night.

In both the Main Room and Vista Club, you will find exclusive VIP areas to offer you a first class experience Privilege Ibiza night. Each VIP area is has Privilege Ibiza tables with perfect views to the main dance floor and stage. These are the 7 VIP areas that you will find in the Main Room:

  • Platinum: The 5 Privilege Ibiza tables found in this area are located in front line in front of the stage.
  • Gold: The 6 Privilege private tables located in this area ar in second line in front of the stage.
  • Silver: This area has 5 tables located in third line in front of the stage, right behind the Gold VIP area.
  • Black: Tables in the Black VIP areas are also front line but are situated in the left side of the general VIP zone. It has 6 Privilege Ibiza tables.
  • White balcony: From this area, you have an overall view of the main dance floor. It has 3 VIP tables.
  • Premium: It is only available for large groups of people. You can book the entire area exclusively for you and your group of friends.
  • High tables: These are located within the general VIP zone. It has a total of 4 tables.

You can also book Privilege Ibiza tables backstage. Because of the location, these Privilege Ibiza table costs are higher than the rest of options.

On the other hand, all of the Privilege Ibiza tables in the Vista Club are located right behind the DJ (backstage). You will find 5 tables in both front lines and second line, and 3 high tables in the third line.

The Privilege Ibiza table costs will mainly depend on the location of your table. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details and information about VIP tables at Privilege Ibiza. 

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