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Established in 2011, Ushuaïa Ibiza presents a distinct concept in Ibiza's nightlife, characterized by luxury, splendor, and glamour.

The VIP tables are strategically placed in various zones: Main VIP 1, Main VIP 2, and the Palm area. There are no pre-defined VIP prices, and owing to the fluctuating demand on most dates, daily checks with our internal VIP manager are essential to obtain updated prices.

VIP table prices at Main VIP 1 and Main VIP 2 are sought after for their excellent visibility of the DJ and show, often doubling the prices of comparable areas in other clubs. While Main VIP 1 and Main VIP 2 come with higher price tags, the Palm section offers more favorable prices for larger groups. However, the rates are contingent on the specific date and availability, making it crucial to reach out to us for the latest prices for the event you plan to attend.


The VIP zone has several tables with prices that range from 1650€ to 5500€  for the cheapest table depending on the location of the table, the DJ playing, the season, and party session. We recommend to contact our VIP manager to get more accurate prices for the exact day you would like to atend!

Securing a private table at Ushuaïa Ibiza is a seamless process, and you can make reservations through various channels:

  • Sending a WhatsApp message to +34 691 273 993.
  • Emailing us at
  • Utilizing our online booking system.

Contact us today for more information about Ushuaïa table price and VIP table bookings. You can send us an e-mail at or Whatsapp +34 691 273 993.

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