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Planning your summer getaway to the White Island? Lio Ibiza is a must-visit destination among the town's vibrant club scene. Operating throughout the summer season, Perched elegantly along the scenic Marina Ibiza, the Lío nightclub stands as a premier destination for nightlife aficionados in the beachside city. Lío now proudly joins the illustrious ranks of the esteemed Pacha Group. Boasting a unique blend of bespoke artistry, live performances, and pulsating club events, Lío promises to elevate your night to new heights.

A beloved hotspot among club-goers, Lío offers a distinctive cabaret experience, seamlessly blending dining and dancing into one unforgettable night. Below, discover everything you need to know about Lío Ibiza table prices.

The club boasts distinct Lio Ibiza VIP areas, each offering strategically positioned private tables. Each table reservation includes:

- Expedited entry into the club, bypassing any queues.
- Access to the designated VIP area.
- A private table exclusively for your group.
- Complimentary refreshments to craft your drinks.
- VIP treatment with personalized attention.

Each VIP table also includes one or two bottles, depending on the initial payment made per person. For instance, if two individuals paid 500€ each, totaling 1000€, they would have a "credit" of 1000€ to spend on bottles. If they order two bottles totaling 950€, they would need to pay extra for a third bottle. The price for bottles usually start at 650€, but if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us to inquire. 

For inquiries regarding Lio Ibiza dresscode, Lio Ibiza Timetable, or general information about Lio Ibiza, do not hesitate to contact us. Your unforgettable night awaits!

Securing a table at Lio Ibiza is a seamless process, and you can make reservations through various channels:


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