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Organization of a Legendary Budapest stag do

Budapest is nowadays one of the most popular stag do destinations in Europe. The city is beautiful and has wide range of opportunities.

Organizing stag do activities is not a difficult task if you use all your creativity and start preparing for the big day in time! In this article, we will help you organize your stag do in Budapest, and provide you with advice and ideas. Make the day of the bachelor party unforgettable for the Groom and celebrate in style!


Participants of stag do activities:

If it is not a group of close friends, ask the groom for a list with names and contact details. Feel free to ask the person in charge for their opinion on who you want to celebrate with on the big day. He must have priorities, don't let an unpleasant guest spoil the bachelor party.


Dates of bachelor party programs in Budapest:

Before you start coordinating the date with the other participants, of course ask the groom. Take a piece of advice: DON'T ASK. You are the organizer, usually the best man -  you (and the Groom) decide when the day of the stag do party will be,  and communicate this to the invitees.

It will be impossible to find a good time for everyone, and if you start asking questions, it will just become a mess. Of course, you can consult with the groom's most important acquaintances (e.g. a witness), but don't ask everyone one by one when it will be possible. If you tell everyone about the exact date well in advance, they will make sure that the big day is free for them. 

Don't be upset if someone can't come. Except in force majeure situations, if the groom and the wedding are important to someone, he will be there at the bachelor party as well.

Try not to follow the American pattern that the night before the wedding is also the date of the bachelor party. With cat eggs (and you know what other contributions ), the wedding day can be a nightmare. You should think about the optimal time 1-2 weeks before the wedding. If you know that the groom likes to let off steam more than he should (meaning he wants an extreme sports program), feel free to organize the bachelor party up to 1 month before the wedding.

Don't make the mistake of taking the organization for granted, postponing it, or letting go of the role of the central organizer!

Bachelor party program locations:

It's no secret that the groom's interests and temperament are the primary consideration. For more "quiet" personalities, a secluded, garden party solution can be a good idea if you hire a private party villa in Budapest.

Of course, you have to organize the most lively, colorful and entertaining stag do activities in Budapest for those who like to party. BUT! Feel free to mix and match bachelor party program ideas! Start with a program that requires less activity, where alcohol does not play a central role. E.g. shooting, tank driving, car/aircraft simulator, quad driving and more. As the evening draws near, you can use the drinking programs, such as the casino, party bus, beer bike, bars.

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Budapest Stag Do costs:

Try to organize a bachelor party that suits everyone's budget. No one wants to incur huge extra expenses before the wedding. Don't make anyone uncomfortable with too many and too expensive stag do activities.

1-2 paid programs are more than enough (private boat cruise with stripper and gun shooting experience), and the rest of the day should be self-funded. If you want to pay for all of the groom's expenses, it is worth collecting a few thousand forints from the participants in advance, from which you will pay for his entertainment. In this way, many disputes can be avoided and it will be clear to everyone that the costs do not seem like a big expense when spread out.


Budapest stag do supplies:

A personalized T-shirt is essential for the groom. Even if you don't dress them up with all kinds of cheesy costumes, somehow distinguish the person being celebrated! Individual T-shirts for the company are also a good idea, so your team is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd that day.


Bachelor party program ideas:

Come up with a unique invitation for the groom with the bride's photo.

Get to you through funny tasks, e.g. only a letter is waiting for you at the first meeting point. Have a fun quiz in it, which you can fill in correctly to get to the second station.

If you're dealing with a demanding groom, give him funny tasks on the street: call up strange girls, ask them for a kiss with lipstick, or invite four girls of different hair colors for a drink. Take girls across the zebra around your neck or collect panty tags.

Everyone should say a word, and the groom should write a romantic declaration of love to the bride using the words. There is nothing more beautiful than a concrete mixer love message!

Check out the bachelor party package offers online. In many places, you can find favorable, discount prices if you book as a group.

There should be at least one "guys" bachelor party program for the big day: laser fight, poker party, Trabant driving, go-kart house championship.

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