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Blue Marlin Ibiza balcony dress code

Besides being one of the most popular destinations in the world to party and experience the best DJ’s and live shows ever, Ibiza is also a trendsetter when it comes to style, fashion, and creative outfits for daytime and nighttime events.

Blue Marlin Ibiza is a place where you have both options: events during the day and night too. If your choice for today’s party is Blue Marlin, these tips dress code tips may be helpful. However, these tips do not apply to a Blue Marlin balcony dress code since there are no balconies in this beach club but you can apply them for bookings in the VIP areas or standard club entries.

  • VIP tables and beds are located in places where you will be seen for sure. We recommend you to dress to impress! A nice option for girls is a cool, creative makeup with a short dress or skirt and blouse. Wear shoes that make you feel comfortable like platform heel sandals or ballerinas. Avoid flip flop, sports sneakers, and bikini tops if you come for a nighttime event.
  • The suggested Blue Marlin dress code for boys is jeans and shirt with casual shoes. If you decide to come to a nighttime party, avoid short pants, sleeveless shirts, and flip flops.

This Blue Marlin dress code applies for nighttime parties, mainly. The same would apply for daytime parties except for the beachy accessories; short pants, flip flops, and bikini tops are allowed on daytime parties.

We highly recommend you to book a Blue Marlin Ibiza table whether you come during the day or night. It guarantees you a nice spot with amazing views to the DJ and, in addition, you will avoid queues and waiting in line for long periods of time. Prices start at 1.500€.

Contact us today for more information about Blue Marlin Ibiza balcony dress code and VIP table bookings. You can send us an e-mail at vip@ibizatables.com or Whatsapp +34 691 273 993.

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